Let’s play the name game

You’ve got the goods, you’ve got a killer business and you’re well on the way to paving success. But there’s something missing, and your website is lacking the little edge it needs. So, how do you pack that punch and demand the attention of your biggest audiences online?

Through a snazzy, optimised domain name that puts your business in the limelight.

What is a domain name?

Think of a domain name as a piece of online real estate. In some cases, these URLs are so powerful that they boast SEO capabilities and brand opportunities that’ll have your competitors seeking out ways to take it from under you. When a domain name is highly targeted to your branding and the search engine optimisation efforts that you’re undertaking, the ability to generate audience attention and leads is unsurpassed.

You’ve probably seen thousands, if not more, domain names floating around the place, and these businesses have probably worked hard to pick one that best suits their objectives. Usually, they feature a company’s name or SEO keyword to maximise brand awareness, and when done right, the benefits are endless. Users type in this URL, knowing exactly what they’re looking for and how to access the business they’re ready to engage with.

That’s where success begins.

Need that extra ‘oomph’ for your website?

Experienced in pinpointing the most advantageous domain names for our clients, the First Move team know exactly how to power up brands with better, authentic visibility. We’ll help you discover your options, action all technical changes needed and set your site up on a domain name that redefines your business.

We’ll then tie it all in with email integration and other necessities to streamline your entire branding process. Sit back and relax while our experts make waves with your platform. It’s kind of our thing.

If you’d like to find out more about how a domain name can power up your business success, get in touch with First Move on 1300 793 352.

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