Smart website design meets innovative functionalities

These days, platforms across the web promise you a simple, templated system to knock together a site in a couple of hours. And while we love the economy of time in the business world, these platforms often lack the pull and punch you need to make a lasting first impression for your brand.

Thankfully, we’ve established a well-earned reputation for WordPress solutions that put us at the forefront of our line of work. With all the tricks of the trade up our sleeves, we know how to harness the system’s intuitive features to build powerful websites.

Meet WooCommerce – your ultimate sales plugin

We’ve got a little gripe with e-commerce platforms in that they usually deliver a cookie-cutter approach – something we’ve worked hard to stray away from. While this approach is often popular for small businesses and easy to navigate, functionality is almost always limited. On the surface, it all sounds perfect, but it also means your offering often becomes a white speck in a sea of same-same content.

Be outstanding, not underwhelming

Over two million websites use WordPress WooCommerce to power up their business, but every one of them is given the chance to be a unique platform in their own right. All tailored towards the unique product offerings of each business, WooCommerce helps brands take advantage of their SEO efforts and cut through the digital noise to reach the right target consumers.

Tackling this approach, the First Move team will drive the engine of this powerful machine into the background of your website, leveraging your brand, your product and your services to reach consumers that turn into loyal followings.

A splash of creativity and artistic flair

We love any platform that lets us unleash our artistic vision on the digital landscape, so we know you will too. With a plethora of customisation options available to our web developers and designers, WordPress presents a unique method of creating a highly personalised website for all businesses.

Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has since evolved to become a robust CMS that is packed with features to turn a simple business into a well-oiled online presence.

Jump aboard the blogging era

While it offers functionalities for other avenues, WordPress remains the ultimate tool for content creation in all forms. And it’s more than just a space to dump your words, with plenty of coaching tools and metrics for you to meet to optimise the impact of your blogs. Include media, interactive features and video that powers up your content to help you become an authoritative voice in your space.

But if you’re not one to call yourself a master of words, that’s where the content marketing team at First Move are ready and raring to go. We can help you load up your website with high-quality, substantial material that nurtures and guides your audience, all the while supporting your SEO and marketing objectives. Access highly strategic content campaigns that place you in the line of sight to create authentic relationships with your primary prospects.

Plugins to power your website

WordPress’s library of add-ons and plugins is what puts a smile on our dials, giving us free rein to create innovative platforms that pack a punch for our clients. Instead of a stock standard website, enjoy a well-rounded user experience that entices your customers, clients and stakeholders into taking action with your brand.

Let us help you improve your navigability, create better user engagement and redefine the functionalities of your website across the board. We’ll do this through our lineup of integrations and experts who know how to apply all the right elements to create a hard-hitting platform that works better for your bottom line. With all the right experience under our belts, we’ve got the good to rediscover your online presence and reach a higher brand authority.

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